Family Place & Birthing Center (903) 927-6498
  “The Family Place” consists of “The Birthing Center” which contains five labor and delivery rooms, a surgical birth room and two outpatient rooms. We are providing deliveries in a homelike environment. The services include outpatient testing, vaginal and surgical deliveries and post-delivery tubal ligations.

Pediatrics wing

Our recently renovated pediatric wing has seven beds and houses a classroom where we conduct community classes. The pediatric wing also includes a play area for our young patients.

Classes offered

Our current classes for the community fall under the catagory of “First Steps for Families” and are as follows. Contact Donna Sallee at (903) 927-6498 for more information.

  • Big Kids and Babies: A sibling class for families that are expecting a new baby. The class is free and offered to ages 2-12. A registered nurse teaches this class.
  • Pregnancy, Birth and You: Our childbirth education class for expectant mothers and their coach which is typically taken in the last trimester of pregnancy. The cost is $10. Several of the Labor and Delivery nurses also participate in assisting with the class. The students receive information on pregnancy, the labor and birth process, breastfeeding and newborn care.
  • Breastfeeding Basics: This class is for new mothers or pregnant mothers who would like more information on breastfeeding tips and techniques. The cost is free.
  • Babies NOW!: Featuring our newest deliveries on our website, the Babies Now page is a popular site on our website for new parents, families and friends. With parental consent, a photo of the newborn is taken digitally, put on our website and announcement messages with the baby’s photo can be e-mailed around the world.

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